101 East – ISA

Another rally happened here in Malaysia which virtually brought the whole city into a stand still. I was not there but i sure was stuck in the massive jams which were cause by the authorities who clogged up the routes to the city center. But that aside, Al-Jazeera did their coverage on the rally and boy did it piss me off!

Remember this name Mohd Khairul Azam Bin Abdul Aziz, he is the Chairman, Pro-ISA Movement. According to him, the ISA is to protect the Malays who are the majority in Malaysia. Apparently, its to ensure that the Malays stay in power!? Dude! If this is the reason he is fighting for the ISA to be maintained, he needs a nice strong cuppa coffee! I know for a fact that many many Malays would disagree with him because this is extreme!



I think the powers that may be should have a closer look to people who spark ill feelings like what this dude is saying on international tv is not doing any favours to the worlds impression over Malaysia and the PM’s 1 Malaysia ideology !

For a concept like 1 Malaysia to work, Malaysians should feel that we have equal opportunity and feel 1! I hope that the ISA will be reviewed as promised by the PM and clear lines are drawn, too much grey area and it sure seems like the grey area in the act has been capitalized on and its causing a tad more damage than any good.

Having said that, i think it was a small but good debate  by the panelist which should be taken more seriously. Allow the relevant parties to debate the issues and the government should hear out the sides and make a decision which will protect the interest of the nation ..