Worlds Smartest Kids – Featuring 1 Malaysian

At the age of 3, these prodigies were doing things that most grown ups are still dreaming of doing. Some are mathematicians, artist, physics masters and even environmentalist.

The one that caught my attention was Akrit Jaswal who at seven years old,  became a surgeon. Then there is Saffron Pledger who at age 3 has a IQ 140 and might possibly become one of the youngest member of Mensa, an intellectual high IQ society.

Last but not least of my picks is Sufiah Yusof , a Malaysian who at the age of 13 received her acceptance to St. Hilda’s College, Oxford to study mathematics. That didnt last too long as she later went missing, became a high class prostitute and pretty much it was down hill form there. Suppose she must have gone through some rough times to end up in that predicament.

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