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A Innocent Mistake

I saw a posting today on Malaysiakini about a racist blogger that has made many people furious. The original posting was from a blogger from KL who goes by the name of Sammy who apparently bashed the daylights out of Indians because her phone got stolen by a couple of Indians.

You can read bits of her alleged posting HERE.

When i first saw the posting i was a little disturbed by her public bashing of a entire kind because of a few that caused her a mobile phone. But then i remembered a conversation i had with a colleague sometime ago.

We were talking about racist and how racist remarks normally come out.


Imagine your driving your car and approaching a traffic light, just as your approaching the light it turns yellow but the car in front of you slows down. Since your on your way to see your girlfriend who is waiting for you to take her to buy a new pair of shoes, you are in a rush or you’ll never hear the end of it because you were 2 minutes late. As the light turns green, you overtake the car and see a Chinese lady driving slowly and carefully.

You probably start cursing and calling her names and insulting her religion not realising that it has her ethnicity and background has got absolutely nothing to do with her driving slowly. Then you pick up your girlfriend and blame her for causing the delay say things like “that Chinese &#@$” was driving slow la!” You know how the chinese are la!?@#$@#$%”.

Now imagine if you were extremely early. Same scenario, light changes you slow down without realising that the car is in front of you in the first place. Light turns green, you overtake and drive off without even realising the colour of the car!!

All of us are racist in our own way. Is it because just because you had a experience with someone of a particular race that you decide the rest of that race is the same??

In my view, Sammy was a little fast in jumping the gun and generalizing all Indians. Yes, mistake made because she lost her mobile phone and she has since removed the posting and apologized relentlessly

Personally i felt that it was a bad mistake in jumping the gun and venting too soon. I think anyone would have done the same if in a scenario like yours. I think that everyone should accept her apology and move on with it. She made a bad but i feel a innocent mistake and she is sorry. Period.

The consequences though may be more than you deserve. Maybe you should go in to Bukit Aman and make a report while posting another apology to the race that you generalized and bashed.

Hope the repercussions are not too heavy but i hope its a lesson for all of us. Whether you like it or not, we live in a multi-ethnic society and there are good and bad people living here. We must be sensitive to others and we cannot go around bashing other religions just because a few are not the best.

My 2 cents