A Species Worth Saving!

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The Malayan tiger (Panthera tigris malayensis, Malay: Harimau Belang), found in the southern and central parts of the Malay Peninsula, is a subspecies of tiger found in Thailand  and Malaysia.

Recent counts showed there are 600-800 Malayan tigers in the wild, making it the most common tiger subspecies other than the Bengal and perhaps also the Indochinese tigers. It is, nevertheless, still an endangered sub-species.

Okay, thats as technical as this posting is going to be. This is purely my thoughts of the tigers in Malaysia and why i think we should get cracking to save this majestic species.

Growing up i remember hear soo much about lions and tigers but as i got older, i heard less and less about these wild life except in the zoo or when i see the Malaysian Football Team in action. Till a few years ago i joint a NGO for a couple of years which advocated species and environmental conservation did i learn about the importance and saw the ‘real picture’ and what the fuss was about.

Im have ZERO science background but in a nutshell i understand that the tiger is right up there in the food chain. If we loose tigers , it basically goes to show that the health of our forest is horrible!!

I know that tigers need lots of space to roam, which they use to breed, find food and live but since our forest are getting smaller and smaller, they are having trouble finding food hence they go looking for food and that is when human wildlife conflicts happen.

So whats in for us? Well what if we loose tigers? To me it equates to loosing our forest and i remember watching the movie the 11th hour when a scientist said that if we loose our forest/tree’s it would cost us billions a year to create oxygen which our forest give us for FREE!!

Do we have to wait for something like that to happen?

Now to me i think that the NGO’s are making the noises and trying to do their part but the one force that can make the difference are the governments of the world!There needs to be enforcement right from the top! Government are the ones that can put legislation, rules and policies in place for those responsible for poaching think 2,3 times before going out to poach.

Watch the video below,on October 26, 2009 WWF-Malaysia together with partners tracked down a tiger which was going to be poached and subsequently managed to rescue the tiger but the damage was already done and the tiger ultimately died due to excessive injury.


Using the collaborative platform of MYCAT, Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) organized and hosted the Malayan Tiger Conservation Workshop in November 2006 with the aim of developing a National Tiger Action Plan for Malaysia.

This is one of the many efforts that are in place to help save the species. We all have a big part to play! I think we can start with paying a bit more attention to the bodies who are advocating this issue. MyCat and WWF-Malaysia are 2 places that we can start with. Next step is to put preasure on the coutry’s leadership to take the matter very seriously.

I think that we all have a part to play! WWF-Malaysia are running a campaign to double the number of tigers by the next year of the tiger. Head on there and start learning how you can do your part too!

*This posting is done in support of Tiger Blogfest 2010! Show your support today and lets all be part of the solution to save our tigers!