Angry Anna Hazare Game

A few days after my Anna Hazare posting i find this one! Looks like everyone wants a piece of the frenzy and some capitalizing on it as well! One such impressive interpretation is Angry Anna. The game is developed by Noida based Geek Mentors Studio. Angry Anna is dangerously close to being an addictive game and will suck you right into the Anna mania that is gripping the entire nation.

The game play is simple. Anna Hazare and his cohorts are trying to get rid of corrupt politicians. The pigs of Angry Birds fame are replaced with politicians and the angry birds are replaced with Angry Anna and Kiran Bedi, Baba Ramdev .The game has received 44000 game plays in the first 24 hours of the launch and is serving 8000 game plays per hour.

Angry Anna Game can be played online right now free of cost. Developed by Geek Mentors Studios, the game is based on the same concept as Angry Birds. Currently Anna Hazare is heralding a mass movement to free India of corruption and the geeky Indian community is doing their bit to support the movement.

Watch the video of the game and the website

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