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Anwar Goes to court Today

Everytime DSAI is summoned to the courts most of the nation takes a deep breath and waits for the verdict. Today is one of those days. DSAI will appear in the Sessions Court for a hearing that his lawyer said could see the case moved to the High Court, or could possibly hear a petition to revoke his bail.

The New Mp of Permatang Pauh will be appearing at the Jalan Duta Courts at 900am. His case will be heard at the Mahkamah Sesyen (Jenayah 4) on the 4th flooor

The jams are going to be heavy today, potentially lots of roads are going to be blocked and if things do not go well…We could see some heavy repercussions taking place.

Hopefully everything gets out of the way and the real work can begin in rebuilding the nation that seems to be slipping by the day.