As Seen By MIC

Its all over the news, BN’s Supreme Council meeting last week, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, who is also Umno vice president, was tasked with looking into amending the BN’s constitution to enable direct-membership to individuals and groups who wish to associate with the coalition but do not want to join any of its component parties.

Good move? Not good enough for me but its a good step in the right direction.

Anyway, this move wont be easy to implement and one of its “core party” has already spoken 🙂

The MIC is expected to resist the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition’s proposal to allow membership for friendly individuals, political parties and non-governmental organisations. This is because the party, which boasts of 630,000 members, will lose its “monopoly” at the Barisan supreme council when it comes to Indian matters if other Indian-based political parties are allowed to join, say political pundits.

Good news for Indians in the country! Soon the “tiger” will be loosing its tooth and if you vote for the rulling coalition. What does this mean?

The MIC will definitely lose its dominance but it will be a boon to the Indian community as the Barisan leadership will be able to hear directly the problems faced by Indians, generally from various parties, rather than just from the MIC alone,” said former MIC vice-president Tan Sri M. Mahalingam.

What do i think about this?

Its About Time!!

I have never seen any value in MIC to the indians in Malaysia. The party has given me a vibe that its a waste of time and its more interested in its own existence than the population it claims to represent. So if they are of no value, why should it be relevant? I say close shop and go save Maika?

My thoughts purely 🙂

Source : TheStar