Astro : Byond PVR

Astro recently launched their enhancement after the byond launch not long ago. The Byond Personal Video Recorder is a very very cool device which enable you to record,pause and play it when ever you want! How cool is that! Imagine your watching your favorite movie and you suddenly need to run to the loo. All you need to do is pause, head to attend to natures call and come back and play it!

Now for subscription and the details you need to know So if you are a Astro subscriber, this is how you get your PVR

The image above is pretty self explanatory, important take note point. The PVR service will cost you RM10 a month. So if you are on Byond, thats RM30 extra! Over time it can be quite a bit!

If you think that RM 10 is a tad too much there is a cheaper way.

You can purchase a Western Digital My Passport AV 320GB and hook it to your existing Byond decored via the USB port and its half the monthly fee at RM5 per month

You can head over HERE to subscribe for the service or if you prefer to speak to someone, give Astro a call at 1-300-82-9888. Have you subscribed to the service yet? Whats it like??