Bank Email Scam

Has your momma told you never to talk to strangers. Well strangers are trying their best to talk to you!

I got the below email today from ‘RHB’ which raised an eyebrow so i decided to click it to check it out. They were asking me to update my information or my account might get suspended! So worried as i was i decided to click the below and was taken to a RHB we site

RHB Scam 2

The below looks like your typical RHB website but look at the URL carefully. ? Looks like a website out of Hungary but before you start pointing fingers, you should check out the website itself. It looks like a very innocent website and even has names of individuals, pictures and such under the blog page.

RHB Scam 1

Looks like the scammers have gone a step further by putting another layer in front of them to buy time or to set people on a wild goose chase which will lead to no where.

Caution :
Your bank will NEVER ask you to update your information or provide any details via email, it is a SCAM and you will be a victim. If you are suspicious visit your bank and check before doing ANYTHING.

PS -Why did i click the link? I dont have a RHB account 🙂