BBC Panorama : Euro 2012

Picking a venue for a tournament of such magnitude can’t be an easy task. Together with finding the most suitable host, there are other non footballing reasons that in the equation which influences the decision which sometimes may not what common sense would tell you. Remember this, comment and think about it after you have watched the below video.

EURO 2012 is going to be joint hosted by Poland & Ukraine which have a reputation for their abusive fans which are racist and ultra’s, not all of them of course.

Reporter Chris Rogers witnesses a group of Asian fans being attacked on the terraces of a Ukrainian premier league match and hears anti-Semitic chanting at games in Poland. And with exclusive access to a far right group in Ukraine which recruits and trains football hooligans to attack foreigners, Panorama asks: how safe will travelling football teams and their supporters be at this summer’s European festival of football?

Watch it with a “Bag of Salt”, its focusing on the negatives but surely there are many decent fans there too. I suppose International spectators might not see it the way it actually is, thanks or no thanks to editing of the feed that we watch.
They have the big stage and they have a big problem! Hope football does not get sidelined in one of the most Football’s prestigious tournaments.

Watch the video

Its crazy! What do you think?