Comments Oh Comments

Having a blog has its fun times, long time ago i wrote a posting to support a close friend of mine Logan who was chosen to take part in Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor. Naturally since he was a good friend, i decided to support him. Honestly i didnt matter if he won and im very sure he didnt get into it to win it but for the experience.

So, what is Danny Yee Tuck Seng have got to do with that posting? Well, Mr Danny here has been leaving comments on the postings which read :

22 May, 2009 at 11:17 am (Edit)
go back home lah…and sleep..why are you appearing in the cleo mag…what a shame…work hard in your career and get a life gay boy….

22 May, 2009 at 11:44 am (Edit)
one more thing i have forgotten..he look so mummy boy and go back and be with your mummy…having to say taht…you are out out out…and dont come back to join modelling company..ppl will puke eventually only those tastless girls,gays or ladies will like you…other than that please get yourself far away as possible…lord..have mercy on our souls

31 December, 2009 at 11:45 am (Edit)
hello..botak boy…go back g back and never dream of becoming a model…go back and work and get a good life for not pretend that you are rest assured of your talents and to be honest…you dont have what i meant…stupid….

So Mr.Danny must be a heckuva Tom Cruise eh! Well, Mr.Danny .. If you didnt know, by you leaving a comment on my blog, you had to leave your email address behind which incidentally saves me your IP address so i know your from KL 🙂

So i toke the liberty to search your email address on google and got your damn you are surely a Tom Cruise look alike man!

Courtesy of your Friendster Profile which gives me the vibe that you have some serious identity issues dude. Anyway, i suggest you do a stock check on yourself.. But dude, seriously you if unless you really looked good, its better to keep your thoughts to yourself dont you think? 🙂

Maybe this

Anyway, this is my last rant for 2009 and just for fun since i was a little bored 😛