Cruelty Towards Cows In India

This one is horrible, sad, cruel .. and its ironic that it’s happening in the country where cows are worshipped. I’m glad that organizations like Peta are exposing such acts and bringing it to the knowledge of the world. This has got to stop. Hopefully it’s not happening here in our country and other countries.

If you do know of such things, please inform the authorities!

PETA India’s recent undercover investigation of several dairy farms revealed shocking cruelty to cows and buffaloes. Tabelas – animal factories with no provisions for health care or animal welfare – are steadily replacing small family farms.

Buffaloes in Delhi’s main dairy facility stand knee-deep in foul-smelling excrement, suffering from skin infections, foot disease and other illnesses.

Garbage is piled up everywhere. Drainage, electricity and designated waste disposal sites are lacking.

In Mumbai, calves are tightly tethered on short ropes in order to prevent them from reaching their mothers, but in their struggle to get free, they often become entangled in the ropes and strangle themselves. One dairy owner reported that half the calves die shortly after birth.

Watch the video (viewer discretion is advised)