Deepavali 2008

For many years i celebrated Deepavali at KL. This year the drill was slightly different when i went to my better half’s hometown at Raub,Pahang. I was there for only a night but it would be nice to experience the festival with a twist of a “kampung feel” to it.

Im not going to go into details of my experience because I’m sure if your from Malaysia, you would know exactly what celebrating a festival in your hometowns like but I’m going to share some of the pictures that i toke while roaming around the nice piece of land right behind of the family home.

All images were taken with my Canon 1000d DSLR (EF 18-55mm kit lenses)and since I’m a rookie at photography with a DSLR, it was a very interesting experience as i tried some of the info i picked up from various websites. Let me know what you think and if you have comments, please do let me know!

I’ve put up about 5 other images below