Delirium’s Guide To Picking A Tattoo Design

More and more people get tattoo’s these days , some due to peer pressure and some do it because they simply love ink on their skin. Well i personally have a few of my own and itching for more and in the process of looking for a design, i already knew what i wanted to achieve of this stint. I pretty much have a few on my arm and wanted to find for a design that would merge these tattoo’s in a form of a sleeve.

While looking for a design i looked up some designs online and spoke to some friends and realized that some dont really realize that tattoo’s will be there for the rest of your life, unless you plan to spend more money that it cost to have it in the first place should you decide to remove it.

What should you consider BEFORE getting a tattoo?

So here are some of Delirium’s tips when picking a tattoo

1) Find a design that has meaning for you. I like to make sure that i know what my tattoo means , hopefully feel connected to it. Doesnt matter if others dont understand it ,as long as you do .. Its fine.

2) Stay away from the generic designs. Most tattoo joints will have a set of generic tattoo’s that you can pick and choose from. Try to go for something unique. Well, if you do really like something from these generic books, you can definitely get your tattoo artist to customize it for you.

3) Christina isn’t going to like “Joyce” tattooed on your chest. Remember that gf/bf’s come and go so THINK again and again before taking that path.

4) Location, location, location – Think carefully of where you want to get your tattoo. This is very important! You dont want to get a tattoo on your neck and go for that dream job interview at a Multi National Company, somehow i dont think that would resonate too well with your potential employers.

5)Don’t shop around for the cheapest studio or artist. If its cheap, dont expect a world class job. Very often good quality jobs comes with a price so if you want a tattoo, i say be prepared to pay.

6) Relax. Think about it a little. Toss it around in your brain for a few days There is absolutely no rush when you need to get the tattoo, when you are convinced that you have the right design and the right artist, you then make that trip to get inked!

Hope you find these tips useful and you find that fantastic tattoo which is going be with you for the rest of your life!