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D’Image Optical

How many times have you been into a shop to buy something and had lousy service that pisses you off soo much you just cant let them get away with it?? This is my episode of that very experience.

My better half needed to get her a pair of glasses because its been 3 years since she checked her eye’s and replaced her “out of fashion” spectacles.We went to many different shops but she didn’t find anything that she liked. Then in our hunt we ended up at Pj state and saw D’image optical shop.This shop belongs to Poh King Jewellers who bought over a different optical shop,re-branded it and are operating under the D’Image brand.

Want the real juice?

We were attended by a Indian lady, Ms P. She was very friendly and was asking all the right questions to help find a good pair of glasses. Then she toke us into a area where the better brands were displayed. So we go in and like every other shop, takes out many different designs,shapes and sizes.

Then we decided on a few pairs, a Hugo Boss and 2 different Emporio Armani pair’s. After much contemplation, we decided to go with the Hugo Boss pair. Then she started playing with her calculator,pretending like she was working out a good discount on the pair and gives us the price of RM500 for the glasses. Now it was time to get her eye’s checked.

So they go into a room where their “state of the art” machine was to check the power. After about 20mins they come out and apparently Valcy’s power had increased tremendously. Her old power was 75-100 but it was now 150-250.Surprised at such a increase we thought..ok this what happens if you don’t check frequently. They Ms P tells us that since the power is much higher, she needs to use high index lenses to keep the lenses thin, that would cost about RM300(this price was after her hitting her calculator).

Being a amateur at all this, we agreed. So its RM800 for the whole thing, since it was a Sunday they didn’t have the lenses and we had to come back in a day or two. So we paid a RM300 deposit and left.

On Tuesday Ms P calls saying the glasses were ready for collection. Valcy was pretty happy that she be getting her new pair. So we go to D’Image to collect them and out comes Ms P who brought out the glasses. When Valcy tried them it was weird, the power seemed too high and she felt like how superman would have felt when he first discovered his powers..she felt like she was floating!! Out comes another staff member who checked the sheet where the previous power was indicated as compared to the new one. She felt a little suspicious and asked Valcy to get into the “high tech testing room” to check the power again.

As suspected, there was a mistake. After re-checking her actual power was 150-200 with astigmatism(cant remember the exact figure). By then, Valcy had some doubts about the glasses she had picked out in the first place. So i told her to think about it before deciding since we had to come back in another day or two’s time because they didn’t have the lenses in stock. So we left

The next day, Valcy decided that she didn’t really want that pair so she called the shop and informed Ms P to not cut the lenses so we can come pick out a new pair.

We went to the store on Friday (4th July 08) and Ms P re-appeared and we told her that we are not going to go with the pair we picked out originally and will go for something else. This time around, Valcy’s friend Yasmin tagged along. So we look high and low and finally i found something that i felt would suit her and she liked it, it was a Emporio Armani pair which was not as fancy as the one before but good never the less.

Now the drama starts!! The new pair we choose is cheaper than the old one and since the power is now lower, we didn’t need to go for the high index lenses but can go for the “normal lenses”

Ms P tells us that we ONLY CAN TAKE SOMETHING THAT COST THE SAME AS THE PREVIOUS PAIR(+lenses) and nothing cheaper. I was a little surprised that we couldn’t but i told her to forget that we had met, and to tell us how much the new pair with lenses cost(just to find out the price of the new pair,without her factoring in any other possibilities). Ms P takes out her trusting calculator and starts her show and tells us it will cost RM600 after the discount.

So, i tell her ok..Thats how much were paying, but after some exchanges she tells us that she cant decide and her store manager had to approve it. I told her to go get her manager and we’ll talk to her. In comes in the store manager , a Ms MELISSA. A petite Chinese lady with a big smile asking me how she can help me, ok not bad so far..she’s smiling. So i explain the situation and her exact words..

“Ok la….Ill do you a favor and since im nice person and in a good mood ill give you a discount for the lenses but the glasses cannot because its in the system already”

At this point i started getting a tad annoyed, i told her…No no Mellisa, you don’t need to do me any favours.Im paying for this pair and I’m not going to pay extra for something that’s not worth that much.

Then the branch manager Ms Mellisa starts raising her voice!! She was giving rubbish examples of how this is a tailor made item and if you go to a Tailor and tell them you don’t want it, you still have to pay for it!! I asked her, which part of this pair is custom?

The exchanges got very heated with the store manager raising her voice and refusing to give in to us. At this point Yasmin asked her, what if i wanted something more expensive will you give it to me at RM800?? Melissa said..You can but you top-up! So, everything is to your interest but nothing to the consumer?

It got extremely heated for a while and eventually she walked out of the room and went to her office(the information counter) .Ms P who was keeping quiet and watching the drama un-fold followed her and came back a few minutes later to tell us that ok, we just pay the deposit minus price of the new pair and wanted about 30minutes to get the lenses cut and ready. Melissa was still sitting at her counter fiddling with her computer totally ignoring us.

So we went out to have a drink and came back 40minutes later .Ms P and another helper were busy cutting the lenses and Mellisa went into a dark room to complain to her daddy(i think). About 10minutes later, Ms P comes out with the new pair and Valcy tried it out, it looked much better and the power was accurate.

After ensuring that everything was ok, we were issued a un-official receipt (apparently they need to get their hq to issue a receipt) and this is when we discovered a new thing, apparently none of the glasses sold in that shop has got a warranty(except Tag Heuer frames). I was surprised of that and it raises my suspicion if these are original merchandise or not!?

But there was nothing much i could do at that point but i will definitely pursue this issue.I was a little afraid at that point that if i kept talking to her i might turn stupid from the overwhelming stupidity in the air.But I’m surely going to counter check if this pair is the real deal or not!

By this time, Melissa comes out of the oblivion and sits majestically on her thrown to collect the rest of the payment. I go and pay her and she collects the money without any eye contact. I told her that, you ought to learn how to talk to your customers, we are not your friends who you are doing favors for. If there is something you cant do, you explain..If you don’t know, you say you don’t know. She again started interupting me and was putting on a very very cocky face. I was fuming but realized that she needed to learn a lesson ..a nice big one and i walked out of the shop.

I definitely will be lodging complains to Poh Kong (who owns the shop), the press and to the consumers association. Nobody should tolerate such rude staff’s of any outlets!

D’Image has given me a shite image of them and I would recommend that you do not go to D’Image and tell all your friends of this lousy service.

Do you know of any other sources that can take action against them??