Does Job Security Exist?

We hear about how our parents and the older generation stay in jobs for 20-30 years, some even retire in the job they first got when they first got into the job market. Those days are not gone but extremely rare don’t you think? People are consistently on the look out for a better job, better salary to basically progress and do better than they already are.

Now have you wondered why business people work so hard and sacrifices their savings, time and relationships for that promise of success which is not a given even with all the effort. Strange isn’t it? Why do it when you can be employed and earn that stable wage?

Here is one very interesting way to look at the whole thing

Regardless of whether you are self-employed, a traditional employee, or a business owner, you are in business for yourself. The primary distinction is who are your customers? For a typical employee, your “customer” is your boss. He or she is the one who is purchasing your services. However, if you own a business, you have many customers (or bosses).

Accordingly, many entrepreneurs feel it is inherently more risky to have a single boss than having many “bosses.” For example, if you own a thriving business where you can control costs, growth, and marketing, then a whole bunch of customers would have to effectively “fire” you before you were forced out of a “job.” A business owner’s sustenance is no longer determined by single person’s opinion or by shareholders who may not even know his or her name. This is why financial independence is so important to traditional employees: no amount of education or experience can guarantee that even the most talented and faithful workers won’t be unemployed by the end of business tomorrow.

Make sense ha?

It’s probably a good idea to re-evaluate how you look at your job and how you like to position yourself for the future, security is becoming a myth and to survive you need to adapt. Like it’s never to late, it’s never to EARLY to start.

May not make sense but hey, just what i think 🙂