Drug Tunnel


48 feet in the United States and 35 feet in Mexico, the tunnel contains side walls framed with 2-by-4 wooden studs and ceiling construction. “It’s elegant in the sense it has electrical work wired into the Mexico side. It even has a hose for ventilation and lightning

I was a report on CNN over Astro about the discovery of this tunnel that links America and Mexico which is apparently used for drugs transporting after 2 tons of marijuana, stacked in bales between the 2 countries. Being a big fan of Prison Break, i was amazed at the details and effort that was put in the tunnel which was discovered by human information rather than discovery by the authorities or technology.

The tunnel is about seven-tenths of a mile (1,148 meters) or more than 1,200 yards long. Initial reports said it is 5 feet high and 3.5 feet wide.

I would have thought that America being the most technologically advanced country would have discovered it long before but it was pure information from sources. Imagine that! If the rat had kept his mouth shut, drugs would have been transported without detection.

Makes you wonder what else is going on below your feet eh!