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UntitledMy friend WingLoon is celebrating his 2nd year anniversary since he made his way to the blogging fraternity on the July 6 2009! Congrats to him, i got to know him via my pal Danny from TheDaneshProjects some time ago and have been a regular on his blog since.

To celebrate this landmark date, he is giving away some web real-estate free!! All you need to do is blog about and its services and you are in the running to win your self some space to run your own blog maybe?

Well what is ipvee? Its a pretty neat service that shows you the little information about your browsing habits.

How does it work?

Easy! All you need to do is log on to and it automatically shows you :

Ever wondered what your ip address is? This niffy system show ip address that you are on.So since you now know your ip it be interesting to also show hostname . While your busy browsing the net it be interesting to know what your hostname is isn’t it? also shows you other details like the web browser you are on,the operating system you are using and your screen resolution.

So go check out this awesome site and find your real ip address now and while your at, spread the love!!

BTW- Congrats WingLoon!