Fresh Candidate : Bukit Selambau


Change is the buzz word for the year. While Malaysia is gearing up for 3 by-elections, the candidate that caught the attention for me is PKR’s nomination of ordinary party member S Manikumar. He is a local boy from the town and is a tourism management degree and an MBA from Universiti Utara Malaysia.

He looks good on paper as a leader(if he wins) to bring new ideas and change for the constituency. While BN will be opting for a more seasoned campaigner from the embattled MIC, i think its time for the new faces to make waves. I hope he is as good as the new faces that are in power closer to home.

Personally i think that its time for political parties to field new faces which give HOPE and promise of change because the old ways are not working and change is definately the new agenda!

Mark your calenders, its the 7 April when the by elections and results will be announced