Get Well Soon Yasmin!


I met Yasmin Ahmad early this year while i was working on Earth Hour. My first meeting was at her office at Leo Burnett and at first i was a bit anxious about the prospect of meeting this high profile movie director. But when she walked into the room, i instantly felt comfortable because she was just like you and me…A normal person who wants to do something good!

She agreed to be the ambassador for Earth Hour in Malaysia and eventually i was going for meetings with Yasmin Ahmad to the Prime Minister’s office, to the Ministry of Information, to Petronas to everywhere we wanted her to come with us. She was pure passion!! She wanted was in for anything that can bring Malaysians together and she saw Earth Hour as a superb platform!!

From the advertisements that you saw on tv to the celebrities that came on board to even the Media support was with her kind help! I had the pleasure of working with Yasmin Ahmad in a project which im think was important for Malaysia and our planet!

On the day she passed out at TV3, i was incidentally online with another friend i made and works in TV3 who was telling me that hey, Yasmin’s here for a meeting to her passing out to her getting admitted to the hospital.

To me, she is a important person to our country. She has the capability to bring us normal Malaysians together and he is nothing short from genuine! And that’s a rare thing nowadays.

Im very sad that she is in the condition that she is in today and i pray that she will recover to where she was when i spoke to her a few weeks ago. I hope that Malaysia is praying for her and she will fight and come back to doing what she does best and i bet loves doing!