Getting Impatient Aren’t We?

Sept 16 was a date that most Malaysians were waiting eagerly for. Then there was the Sept 23rd which was the date that was set by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim for the PM to call for the emergency parliamentary hearing. That didn’t happen. So what next?

I tell you what happen since then.. Malaysians have become impatient and started suspecting if the Pakatan politicians have the numbers to start with? Sceptics came out their guns blazing and from the BN leaders,supporters,to even some Pakatan supporters.

Fair enough..patients is not exactly a virtue many people have and you cant blame them considering the current political climate and economically situation of the nation.

Below are a series of questions that you need to answer very honestly and this should help put things in perspective in my view.

1) Barisan Nasional won the general election and formed the government in March 8th 2008 with a reduced majority but won nevertheless.

2) Did you vote for BN because you were too scared that someone might find out that you voted for the opposition or not sure if the opposition were the right choice?

3) Did you suddenly realise that you voted for the wrong party?

4) Do you suddenly think that Pakatan needs to take over because you changed your mind?

5) Would you prefer Pakatan’s attempt in taking over the government to be as peaceful as possible?

6) Do you think that if Pakatan have the numbers, the bn leaders are going to back off graciously?

7) Would you blame Pakatan if the take over bid went ugly?

8) If riots and war was on the cards if Pakatan toke over would you rather wait for the next general elections?

Ok have you answered the questions yet?

Now think about the situation from a practical perspective. You who voted for BN but now want Pakatan to take over has got to be fair for the push into power by the Pakatan alliance. Those of you who voted for Pakatan must now remain calm and allow the leaders to do their work. There are many factors that needs to be overcome in order for the ultimate goal.

Look at it this way..Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang,Karpal Singh,Nik Aziz,Lim Guan Eng,Hadi and the rest of the Pakatan folks have gone through so much shit to reach where they are today. Most of them have been locked up for years under ISA and persisted to reach the levels they are in today.

How long have you been a supporter of the opposition?

They waited for such a long time ,cant you? As a Malaysian that wants change and interested in the well being of our nation, you have to support our leaders and give them the support which keeps them going. You are the beneficiary of a great leadership and the countries prosperity and a little patients wont hurt you too much