Google Images or Bing Images

Since Microsoft launched its new search engine Bing, i used it a few times but not till a few days ago did i actually started cheking it out proper. I was chatting with my brother about a car and he told me to Bing it instead of google it. Bing it?! He said that you i should check out Bing Images which is wayy cooler than Google Images so i did.

So i thought of a random car, Jaguar MK 10 and the results :

Google Images


Bing Images


The difference, the results are both good but i like te speed on Bing and when you mouse over each image on Bing, you get :


A nice litte box over the image which ask you if you would like to see images similar to the one you are looking at! Pretty neat ha!

I think that Bing is catching up very quickly and its very easy to use. Looks like Google has to pull up its socks and improve further before Bing eats into the pie in too fast a pace and makes this another Google Video maybe? 🙂