Home Minister – Don’t Regard Criminals As Heroes


A Kugan who was killed at police custody was finally put to rest this week. This was after the 2 post morterms, some serious whacking behind bars,politicians intervention and what did the Home Minister have to say?

Don’t Regard Criminals As Heroes

I was pretty shocked to see this coming out of the Home Minister!I mean seriously… If i were the Home Minister, i would be a bit more careful with what i say during such fragile times. Emotions have been shaken up, our children are being killed under the custody of the people who are supposed to protect us!! As far as im concern, Kugan did not commit a crime and since he got killed before anyone who could change the suspect status to guilty, HE IS INNOCENT!

For me its not a race issue, its simply a national security issue and to me it looks like the police is a threat! I have heard soo many stories that this is normal and there are soo many that get killed under custody. Of course this maybe true or not but you cant help but wonder if its true isn’t it?

If you have not seen the original report of the Home Minister’s statement, you can read it HERE. What i think about this report?

Dear Home Minister,

Who ever is writing your statements should be fired because he is a moron. Its the stupidest thing to say considering the current climate and your definitely talking about Kugan and there is absolutely nothing general about your statement. Fire that moron who is writing your speeches and please read your speeches before saying anything to the press!!

My 2 cents