How To Control Volume on Byond

I have probably made about 10 calls to Astro to check on how on earth to control the volume using my astro byond remote control but never have i had a fix. There was some that told me that its the software and nothing can be done ,there was another that told me that that’s the way HD is and the one that takes the cake is that my tv was not compatible with Byond..DUDE! WTF?!

So i had a problem with my decorder which kept freezing. I lodged a call and the Astro service dude fixed it using the ancient art of, REPLACING THE DECORDER without no troubleshooting what so ever -BRILLIANT!

The image ratio was all over the place after this change so i called astro up and i got Mr.Subra!

Mr.Subra seemed like he knew a tad more than the ones i spoke before him. He helped me fix the picture problem, now all channels are “fit to screen”.The cool thing is Subra knew how to fix the problem but this was subjective to the tv brand that you have. Mine was a Samsung and he knew how to fix it!!

So this is how

Increase the volume to max using byond remote control.

Press volume up button + tv button (the one right on top) -> you will see the red light blink twice, key in 0060

Press volume up button + OK button -> you will see the red light blink twice, key in 0060

(Take note that this works on the Samsung tv , not too sure if it does with other brands)

Now you can turn your tv on/off using your byond remote as well as volume control.

To be honest, its nothing great because apparently you get the best effect when you hook up your system to a proper sound system preferably with a digital in. Mine is slightly old so i don’t have a digital in or a hdmi port so the hand just got itchy, but im not going to rush into it . No rush but the Bose systems are so tempting