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Ignorance Is Bliss

I don’t see the need as the Parliament will sit after Ramadhan,” Abdullah told reporters after chairing an Umno supreme council meeting

Those were the remarks of PM Abd Badawi when asked about Anwar’s request for a emergency Parliament session to debate a no-confidence motion. Convinient ha! To come to think of it the current government has been nothing but adrressing the issues head on.

1) Anwar requested for a meeting with PM Badawi – Rejected

2) Anwar asked for a emergency parliament debate on a no confidence motion – Rejected

So 2 out of 2 failure rate. Nice piece of stat to go by isn’t it considering potentially the whole party’s survival is at steak. I don’t understand something and i hope someone can explain it to me.

If there is such a big problem why aren’t BN addressing it? Unless ISA is a resolution?!

Maybe since the issues is not being addressed and the people are desperate to see a end to this drama which is effecting our economy and our very survival. The worlds economy is crashing and we are crashing together with it and if this whole power struggle is not resolved sooner than later, the rakyat will suffer!!

Those who are up there are a wealthy bunch who have themselves covered and the probably the next 2 generations but the rakyat who barely make ends meet on a monthly basis are being a victim of this flip flop!

The BN government must act! They must clarify what the opposition is claiming and clear the air. If its true that Anwar has the numbers its time to move and let a more competant government who are interested in the well being of the nation to be put in place.

BN’s ignorance to the political struggle is beginning to cause too much damage!! If they are confident of their support and capabilities, go out there and clarify it!!

Looks like the King needs to intervine for the sake of the nation now