iOS 6 Released

Apple has launched the all new iOS 6 for iPhones, iPads & iPod Touch. Apple are releasing the new OS in batches depending where you live. This new update features more than 200 new features but you wont be able to enjoy all the features, depending on the device you own and your location.

Here are some notable enhancements
Shared Photo Streams
Redesigned Share Sheets with Facebook integration
Siri enhancements
iCloud tabs for viewing on one device the same sites you were reading on another device
Voice directions for navigation
Update apps without having to enter your password
New theme for the music player on iPhone
Design enhancements to Apple’s digital stores
Dynamic menu bar that shifts color depending on the background
FaceTime over cellular networks

Be sure to back up your device before you install the new OS, you can never be too safe 🙂