ISA : 13 More to be released


13 more ISA detainees will be released from the detention camp at Kamunting. This includes 3 other Hindraf leaders who are left after 2 others were released right after PM Najib toke on the leadership. The Kapar MP, S Manikavasagam was happy with decision and told the media :

I feel that what had happened in Perak has placed the BN government in bad light so this is the right time for them to make the announcement

This is defiantly good news and hopefully the review process of the ISA is a good one that will start doing what it was set out originally but personally i think that it shouldn’t be there in the first place as everyone deserves a shot at defending them selves in a court of law.

Full list of soon to be released ISA detainees

1. Zulkepli Marzuki

2. Jeknal Adil

3. Azmi Pindatun

4. P Uthayakumar

5. M Manoharan

6. T Vasanthakumar

7. Zainun Rasyhid

8. Aboud Ghafar Ismail

9. Sufian Salih

10. Hasim Talib

11. Abdul Jamal Azahari

12. Yusof Mohd Salam

13.Husin Alih

Source: TheMalaysianInsider