Ivy League School Are The Best?

This is something! I heard about how competitive it is in education and the job markets from my friends. Some stories that i hear sounds like a massive case of exaggeration but after speaking to close friends, they confirmed that it is the scene.

Heard of IIT (Indian institute of Technology) ? This is the boiling pot of education! Beat this, i was told that apparently to get into this Institute you need to score a moderate 100% at your entry exam. And this is not we want to see if you know some math’s and some english entry exam but one massive test. It’s so massive that some students find their stay in the uni a breeze because they the studying that happened during the entry exam .. WAS CRAZY!

You have to watch the video to believe it. Imagine this students that don’t make it into IIT, get scholarships into the IVY League schools.

Watch the video 

Apparently students who go into their final year get offers into top jobs in the US. And these are jobs that pay a cool 500k -1M a year? Provided they deliver the results that the potential employers demand.

How I wish we had such schools here in Malaysia. A school where the standard was up there with the very best there is. Maybe in a 100 years ha!