The All New Little India

I lived my whole live in KL, being a Indian in KL.. Brickfields was a frequent destination. I remember the stalls along Brickfields main road where there was the best sup kambing in KL (im not exaggerating) and the Roti Canai stall in front of the Bintang Book Shop which had a large Selangor flag which was superb!

The same old traffic jam

In a wave to clean up Brickfields, all the stalls went missing (god knows where) . There wasn’t much improvement to the roads at that time and cars still double parked by the road causing massive traffic jams. Fast forward to 2010, Brickfields again is going through , this time a “massive face lift” . But this time its a grand upgrade, the roads are being upgraded and converted to one way streets. The sidewalks have been extended and all hawkers have been moved to a common space.

The grand plan,

Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh will launch the first phase of the project to upgrade and beautify Brickfields into “Little India” on Oct 27.


So the main man of India will be in town and he will be officiating “Little India” , Hopefully he is impressed with what he sees, cause I’m not thrilled with what i see.

Arches - Work In Progress

I wish there was much much more parking and the authorities should clamp down on the illegally parking cars who have been notoriously causing the traffic woes in the area. Im not too impressed with the decoration, arches and the colours used are not very cool. I’m wondering what it will look after 5 years and the paint has faded.

Double parking cars by the road side reducing a 3 lane to 1

So do you think that this is a genuine push to improve the area or just another stop gap measure? Here is another perspective but its easy to point fingers when something like this is done. Time will tell and when the project is completed, a evaluation can be made of this development.

More infrastructure by the alley

Its massive, there are new infrastructure all over the place but don’t see the existing buildings getting a face lift (yet)

Petty traders common space

All petty traders have been moved to this area which was the former football field where the locals used to go to for their kick around. Its pretty congested from the looks of it, i don’t think it will be able to cater to large crowds.

Something Huge is being built here, monument of some sort

Call me a skeptic but i go through this road so often that i know how bad the jam’s can get and if looked at properly, its the little issues that cause the jam. Double parking & traffic lights to name a few, im no expert but i think that this can be easily resolved if serious.

But i hope that the new “Little India” layout does prove to be good for traffic, good for the economy and good for the residence in the area. If not, one can only say// Who the heck did all this?

Time will tell