MIC’s 68year old alternative

MIC veteran leader M Muthupalaniappan today announced that he would contest for the party presidency next March.


“I am receiving overwhelming support and good words from MIC and the Indian community regarding this,” he told Malaysiakini.

Its about time Samy Vellu got someone to contest against him!Its good ti see that someone has finally got the guts to contest for the top post of the party that claims to bail the rights of the Indians in Malaysia.

I really like to see what Uncle Semi has got to say and hopefully he wont be repeating what he said just before the last election for his own good. The weird thing is i dont know if this is just a setup for a candidate to be placed there to contest a no contest or if its genuine(cant blame me for thinking that isnt it??!)

I don’t know much about the former MIC vice[president but i know that he is 68-year-old and thats not going to help the cause in my view if they want a fresh new approach in making the party more relevant to the nation.

What ever it is..It should be a interesting build up towards the MIC elections and it be even better if more come forward in view to challenge the grandpa of MIC for the top seat.

Question – There must be something in the drinks at the MIC office, they all have un-futile heads eh! 🙂