Maxis : Automatic Data Upgrades

Maxis are currently upgrading their data packages for current users. I’m not sure of the various upgrades but both my wife and I have been upgraded to slightly better packages. It’s perfect timing for us, with the recent iOS 5 upgrades our data usage has increased and i found myself reaching or passing the limit with one week to go to my next billing cycle.

Our Upgrades 

Account 1
iValue 1 (iPhone) package. It was on a 500MB data for RM50.
Upgraded to 1GB for NO Extra Cost

Account 2
Regular 500MB data package for RM58
Upgraded to 1.5GB for No Extra Cost

Since account 1 got only a 500MB compared to a 1GB upgrade for account 2, i decided to call to check and apparently maxis has drawn up a new data to cost package, this upgrade of 1 GB is given to those who were with paying RM58 for 500MB ONLY.

I’m not complaining, not too sure if it’s the most competitive but i give props to Maxis for this automatic upgrade.