Maxis : How To Check Data Usage

Here’s a nice tip, this is how you can check how much you have exhausted off your monthly data usage from your monthly Maxis data package. Im on a 500MB plan which is sufficient for me as I’m on wifi when at home where I do my updates and other data hungry activities.

Using this method, you can ensure that you keep your data usage in check. If you don’t know already, it cost a bomb when you pass your monthly data cap so its good to check to ensure you don’t fall under that bracket.


How to check? 

Dial *100# and hit call. You will then get this menu, dial option 6 and hit Reply


You will now get this menu, Dial Option 1 and hit Reply
On this next screen, Pick Option 3 and hit Reply

and Finally

This screen gives you the important data you need

Its pretty important for you to pay attention to your data usage on a monthly basis. I recommend you check your data usage at least once a month, 1 week before your billing cycle to see if you are in the green or in the red. Over shooting your allocation is very expensive and if you find your self close or over shooting the allocation, its a better idea to go once bracket higher. Trust me, it saves you money!

Hope this was helpful!