Maybank : Love the Earth

Maybank is running a program to encourage its customers to go e-statement. Its a great campaign considering the number of customers which means the number of statements generated (mostly itemized) and the manpower used to generate, the carbon with delivery. Its a huge cut if successful to get a large chunk converted.

Everytime a customer opts to e-statement, M2U will donate RM1 to the following NGOs to run environmental conservation projects.

M2U is taking a big step to save the environment in conjunction with Love the Earth Campaign. So why don’t we start now? First step is to select viewing your statements online!

If you are a Maybank customer you can either do this online or call the customer hotline at 1-300-88 6688 to get this done. Well done Maybank and hopefully more and more banks and other service providers who are statement heavy do the same