Leo Burnett have come up with another superb Merdeka for Petronas this year! Every year without fail Petronas never fails to come up with brilliant ad’s for Malaysia’s independence, normally master minded by Yasmin Ahmad.

After her passing, Malaysians were left waiting to see if this year the advertisement would be as good and they have not failed us!

This year, its called.. Kereta Buruk!


Im sure Yasmin would have been so proud of this one! RIP Yasmin, We all miss you!

Ad details


Agency: Leo Burnett Malaysia
Film Director: Hafiz Ibrahim
Creative Directors: Tan Yew Leong/ Ali Muhamad
Art Director: Tan Yew Leong
Copywriter: Sheikh Azraai Azmi
Production Company: Chilli Peppers
Senior Producer: Michelle Fung
Other credits: Mohd Effendy Harjoh, Raja Affandi Jamaludin