Merdeka Hijacked?

This year’s lead up to the Merdeka celebrations has been the most disappointing for me. Merdeka or the Independence day celebrations is one of the most important events for any country. It marks the nation being independant of previous rulers. The opportunity for our own people to run the show, to form a nation that is built by our own for our future ..

Just look at the ‘world class’ logo above .. Janji Ditepati? Which means Promise fulfilled? Have a look at the ruling party’s election pitch below. See the resemblance , maybe a coincidence .. i don’t know

It gets worst, the theme song for this year’s celebration is written than honourable Information Minister , Rais Yatim .. How about that! Are the real song writers on break?

Lyrics , if your interested

Its going to get dirty… this is nothing but the result of too much power for too long . There must be a balance .. I hope we get that balance soon.