Motivation is such a buzz word especially to those in the working sphere isn’t it. Most of us end up in jobs we don’t fancy and do it simply to makes end meet. Then there are cases where you secure a job that you kinda like but because you do it for too long that motivation wears off as time goes by because either you are good at it and the powers above keep you there because you get the job done and its easier to keep you there with little carrots in the form of a mini pay increment or a new job tittle which is basically the same thing, with a new name.

I was thinking about motivation and it stuck me that its more holistic than just dishing out motivational quotes or watching an inspiring video isn’t it? While those are important, its like shots of redbull. It gives you that lift and then wears off – hardly sustainable.

Maybe its more than just that isn’t it.

Mind, body and soul. 

Positive outlook in life, a fit body, healthy lifestyle and a ‘enlightened’ soul is what i feel are the ingredients to sustained motivation. Sounds simple but it’s as hard as staying away from your smart phone in this day of age. Consciously keeping tabs of the ‘trigger points’ is a good start isn’t it. I suppose its pretty stressful to put unnecessary pressure on one’s self to stay motivated but to keeping your fingers closed on the important ones that can help you keep you sane while progressively improving.

Food for thought…