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My 1st DSLR

Photography is something that i was always interested in. When i first bought my Kodak Easyshare compact digital camera back in the 2002 i started shooting anything and everything and was amused by how brilliant somethings can look when shot properly. After using that camera which passed away, i was using my gf’s canon compact camera which is a brilliant piece of work for a digi cam. For the past 6months or so i have been contemplating in moving towards a dslr of my own to learn the basics of photography and hopefully take some better pictures.

My gf must have got sick of my constant “i must get a dslr soon” speeches and decided to get me one! wooohooooooo! Since i was a rookie in photography, i was looking for something affordable which i could learn the simple basics and hopefully pick up a few tricks on the way. The models that i was considering were either the Nikon D60 or the Canon D1000.

After much deliberation, i settled for the Canon D1000 because of 2 factors.

  • LCD with Live View mode

The Nikon D60 does not have this feature where you can shoot images form the live view mode. Eventhough the Nikon sales man said that its not important but i felt it was important! How do i take images of hard to reach places??

  • Easy of getting accessories in the future

The Nikon sales guy told me that the Nikon accessories are cheaper than the canon but i felt that the price is about the same after checking a few shops. And the bundle offered made more sense to go with the Canon.

Price RM 1930


Canon D10000 + EF 18-55mm Stock Lense + Canon Bag + 4Gb Memory Card

So there you have it! I have my own dslr now and since i know jack about Dslr’s the learning starts now!! Lots to learn and hopefully some good shots to come! Anyone know any beginners courses i can attend or any good blogs that teach??

I found 1 pretty easy to learn basic site by Canon -> Enjoy! DSLR Camera’s

Thanks babes for the cam and its definitely the best gift i have ever got!! 🙂

Specs of the Canon D1000
* 10.1 MP CMOS sensor
* Up to 3fps
* 7-point wide-area AF
* Self-Cleaning Image Sensor
* 2.5” LCD with Live View mode
* DIGIC III processor
* SD/SDHC card slot
* Picture Styles processing
* Compact and lightweight
* Compatible with EF/EF-S lenses and EX Speedlites

10.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor
A 10.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor captures enough detail to make A4-size prints, even when cropping your image. Canon’s CMOS sensor technology also ensures crisp, sharp images even in low-light conditions.

Up to 3 frames per second
For dramatic mid-action shots, the EOS 1000D allows continuous shooting of large JPEG images at speeds of up to 3 frames per second, until the memory card is full. With a 2GB card, this lets you shoot up to 514 images without a pause.

7-point wide-area AF
A wide-area Auto Focus system uses 7 separate focusing points to lock onto subjects fast. The central focus point enables focusing even under low-light or low-contrast conditions.

EOS Integrated Cleaning System
Canon’s built-in dust prevention system guards images against the effects of dust in three ways: reducing dust generated inside the camera, shaking dust from the sensor each time the camera is turned on or off, and mapping stubborn dust spots for removal with the provided Digital Photo Professional software.

2.5″ LCD with Live View mode
In Live View mode, use the bright 2.5” LCD to frame and take shots from awkward angles. During playback, the LCD provides detailed review of shots, and features a wide viewing angle for easy sharing with friends.

Large viewfinder
A large, bright viewfinder allows framing of subjects even in the brightest conditions.

DIGIC III processing
Canon’s cutting-edge DIGIC III processor – as used in professional EOS models – delivers rapid operation, accurate colour reproduction, fast start-up times, and low power consumption.

SD/SDHC memory card compatible
Shooting to the popular SD/SDHC memory card formats, the EOS 1000D is ideal for those who already own SD-compatible devices.

Total image control
Take control over the look and feel of your images with easy to use Picture Style presets. Contrast, sharpness and saturation can be customized in-camera or with Canon’s comprehensive software suite, supplied with the EOS 1000D.

Compact, ultra-lightweight body
The smallest and lightest Digital EOS model yet, the EOS 1000D weighs just 450g – and is ergonomically designed for comfortable handling.

EF lenses and accessories
The EOS 1000D is compatible with the complete range of EF/EF-S lenses, Speedlite EX flash units and EOS system accessories.