My First Mobile Phone

Totally Random, looking at the kind of devices that we have in the market today it brought back memories of phones that i used in the past.

I still remember my first mobile phone which technically wasn’t even mine .. It was my mum’s which i claimed was mine, it was a Motorola Star Tac :

Looks like a toy ha! It was a actual phone! If memory serves me right, this phone didn’t even have a sim card and it was on Celcom’s 010 .. Me thinks 🙂 There were 2 batteries and it needed to be charged externally and could do nothing but make calls!

Then next up was my first real phone, something that was mine and damn i was proud of it! It was a Philips Diga!

This baby had a monochrome screen and buttons that required some strength to dial numbers. It was pretty sweet and had some analog ring tones which i was so proud to hear ring! I got it from my cousin from Singapore and later found out that it was given out at Mc Donald outlets in Singapore when you buy a Happy Meal, i kid you not!!

Then i got cool and got my self a Ericsson phone, PS – This is way before it became Sony Ericsson

This one was the talk of the town at that time, it had a flip and answering the device it self was something else. Imagine being in a Mini Bus and you phone rings. The thrill was flipping it open and answering the call,cool eh!? 🙂

This next phone was when in my view is the phone that triggered the revolution of mobile phones to where it is today.

It was the Nokia 3210, this phone didn’t even have a antenna! It had a nice keypad on it and it was a proper device that brought SMS messages to the forefront for me and when my phone bills hit amazing highs!

Those were the days when phones were phones that we used nothing more than answering calls and SMS messages. Phones after the Nokia is when the focus was beyond basics and i have had many phones which shifted how i used these devices to today when data has become a integral part of the experience.

Do you remember the phones you had and how they made you feel using them?