Low Pas-ing Marks

When March 8th happened i was delighted and thought that this is going to be a new dawn for Malaysian and Malaysian politics. I had a lingering doubt..How would PAS fit into this equation with its ideology which favors the Muslims more than the others. How would PAS react towards a more race balanced PKR & DAP’s actions in the future.

After the election when the ball got rolling, PAS surprised many with its more open approach and allowing more space for discussions of the other races and being a good component member of the Pakatan Rakyat. But i guess you cant always expect them to give in to decisions that are not in tune with the tune they are soo used to singing.

Amongst the states that Pakatan have won over in the last election, Penang and Selangor are the big boys that i consider the more important ones that has a high impact to the urban folks(the area which most of us reading the online media fall in).

Lim Guan Eng and Tan Sri Khalid have got the reputation of doing what ever it takes to ensure the states are run responsibility and the right things are done to ensure the states spend wisely and ultimately benefit the states. Now lets turn out attention to Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid who is known as the “corporate man” from his previous background of being a corporate ace was tipped to turn around Selangor by cleaning up the mess and putting the right people in place to manage it to yield the results he wants.

In his latest move, Tan Sri Khalid appointed Low Siew Moi as acting head of the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS). The PKNS corporate and accounts deputy general manager, would be appointed acting general manager for a year following the retirement of Datuk Harun Salim at the end of October.

Datuk Dr Hasan Mohamad Ali

Now this is where the drama begins… Selangor Pas commissioner Datuk Dr Hasan Mohamad Ali, who is also a state executive councillor will help find a more suitable candidate. WHY DID KHALID APPOINT LOW?

Low was appointed because of her professionalism and administrative ability.

Correct me I’, wrong but isn’t that how someone gets the top job in the first place??

What’s PAS’es problem?

Hasan said Khalid wanted the new general manager to bring reforms to PKNS and dignify the rights of bumiputeras in trade, business and economy in urban areas, town outskirts and new development areas despite the fact that Low was not a bumiputera

Khalid has identified a suiable candidate based on the persons skill sets and capabilities to lead PKNS towards achieving their goals they have been set out too but PAS wants to bring in race into the equation??

I’m a bit disappointed with the reaction from PAS with this issues.

My dream of Malaysia has been always been where as Malaysians we fight for each other’s well being irrelevant of racial background or ethnicity. The day when someone calls another Malaysian a MALAYSIAN and not a Chinese,Indian or Muslim is what i hope we become someday.

We all already know how to respect each others race and background but this has nothing to do with race and religion anymore…Its about MALAYSIA!

My take…PAS needs to take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture.Let Low take reigns and let her have a go at PKNS, she may do better for the rakyat than anyone who has ever done! If she doesn’t do a good job, then consider someone else but you cannot deny someone a job before even letting them try!!

Congrats to the MB of Selangor for this appointment, it truly shows that you are focused on results and not the petty details that the previous administration were soo used too indulge in and wasting valuable resources which is at your disposal!

Source : TheMalaysianInsider