No More Open House?

With time we tend to loose much of our true identities. I remember when i was younger, i used to balik kampung to my dad’s hometown of Parit Buntar. After the passing of my grand mother, everyone decided to move out of the area to different places and i effectively lost my kampung. Till today i complain to the fact that i don’t have a kampung to go back too and hopefully one day i can have a “artificial kampung” for my kids or grand kids. Why? Because i think by having a kampung it will be a reason for family to gather. Its a opportunity for you to move out of the city to a place where life is a few gears slower while getting the chance to mix and mingle with your fellow Malaysian brothers and sisters.

Identity as Malaysians is what keeps us as a nation together. We are blessed to be in a multi cultural society where we have so many different festivals and culture to be part off. As Malaysians we want to be able to be together during every festival to enjoy the different food,the attire,the whole celebration.

The prime minister’s Raya open house is something that lots of Malaysians look forward too. Back in the day, my dad used to take us for the PM’s open house where everyone that comes there gets to shake the leader of our nations hands and enjoy the festivities with every Malaysian there!

Every equation have different variables that determine a certain outcome. This year due to certain variables with the politcal situation, one should expect that the outcome be slightly different. So Hindraf went for the open house and according to reports they were there to hand the premier a Raya card and to call for the release of the ISA detainee’s. THIS report also shows how they were stopped by the police who toke away the card and tried to confiscate it.

Image From Malaysiakini

Image From Malaysiakini

I don’t understand this part, don’t they ever learn their lesson?? Why on earth do you have to use force and try to confiscate the one thing they wanted to give the PM? Okay security you may say, what if the police asked them to show the card to be sure it was not dangerous etc.. They would have handed the card, the police could have checked it and let them go see the PM. Nothing would have happened.

On the other hand there was a mini tussle and the card got crumpled and that aggravated them and hence there is a new variable(anger) and the outcome is now different!

Having said all of that… Does Malaysians have to pay for this and be deprived off the opportunity to Open Houses?? I saw THIS article on the Information Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shaberry Cheek’s blog saying,

“I will ask the government to review the programme even though it was introduced to promote unity among the races. “If need be, we can do away with it. I will be sad if we come to that stage but imagine… if there are open houses and there are people who come to show disrespect towards the host,”

So all Malaysians have to pay the price because of the PM was not happy?Come on la boss..A little drastic isn’t it? If you are not happy with a certain groups behavior, speak to them and address that on a separate note! Don’t kill our identity as Malaysians as you would please because you think we can do away with it.

I hope the government are more sensitive towards Malaysia and make decisions based on Malaysians as a whole. We have something great going for years…These actions may seem like small things now but is a upper-cut towards the “Malaysian Identity”