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No Pain No Gain

The famous phrase of No pain No gain has taken several twist here in Malaysia. From the latest happenings there are a few different equations that can give you that ultimate glorious result.

Either you :

Get sodomized br someone famous and you tell their rivals

Pretend that you got sodomized and tell their rivals that your a thick skin and your reputation doesnt matter

You either feel the pain in your ass or your reputation = You gain fame or you gain the tittle as a homo/bi-sexual.

In the latest development from Malaysia Today & Malaysiakini, the doctor that examined Saiful has confirmed that there isnt any evidence that Saiful has been sodomized.

Excerpts from Mkini;

He first went to Hospital Pusrawi (Pusat Rawatan Islam) in Jalan Tun Razak – a government-linked Islamic medical institution – at about 2pm.

According to a copy of the two-page medical report obtained by malaysiakini yesterday, Saiful went to the hospital complaining of ‘tenesmus’ – a medical term for difficulty and pain in passing motion. (In lay man’s term he was complaining that there was a blockage in his ass that was not allowing his shit from coming out)

He was examined by Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid, the medical officer on duty.

The doctor said that the patient had alleged he was assaulted by the intrusion of a piece of “plastic” in the anus. (He allowed a plastic into his ass??)

Mohamed Osman, according to his medical report which was recorded at 2.14pm, found “zero active bleeding”, “zero ulcer or pus”, “zero tear and scar” in Saiful’s anus.

He also stated that Saiful appeared “alert”, “comfortable”, “not pale” and did not show any fever symptoms

There is more to this whole debacle which is on Malaysia Today. The plot just keeps getting thicker isn’t it? 🙂

PS – Its pretty good to hear about honest doctors, well done to the doctors at Hospital Pusrawi

Now for the juice…The medical report ;

Malaysiakini & MalaysiaToday