Note To Self 1

Focus on strengths


Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. While the world is filled with people who are very interested to highlight your weaknesses, the truth is everyone is different and just because one does not see your strengths, that does not mean you don’t have value to add.

I think its peoples see what they want to see, so if they don’t see what they want to see, you become weak (to them)

The other way of looking at it, What if people use your so called weaknesses to make themselves look good? Possibility? Oh definitely , if its done intentionally or not is questionable.

So i say everyone has strengths. Identify them and focus on them.

When you do that, it increases your confidence, self esteem and that would do wonders for you.

This will eventually help you spot the tiny weaknesses you might have to be worked on. I don’t think perfect people exist so take a chill pill. The person telling you that you are weak is probably has low self esteem anyway!

What i think anyway 🙂