Note To Self 6



I was told once :

“there is a reason why we have 2 ears and just one mouth”

Listening is something that is extremely hard to do. These days, everyone has got so much to say simply because of the kind of access to information everyone has ideas based on that or simply want to convey what they “heard”. There is listening and there is listening.

You can either listen to someone so they can finish so you can start or you could listen to someone carefully to understand what they really have to say. You could be surprised at the kind of information that you gather by simply focusing on what they have to say.

Listening can be very useful for you to understand what one has to say or feel which could do wonders for you when responding to them. Active listening can help mould a more accurate answer which could give you a totally different outcome as compared to if you listened.

I’m slowly learning to listen more than i talk. Even thought the verbal diaherra gives you a nice feeling of being in control, the later could make you the smarter one.

Not easy but gotta try!