Note to Self : Make Mistakes

Freedom to Make Mistakes

I used to get beaten for making mistakes. When i messed up at home growing up, my dad used to spank my ass so hard because i screwed up. Then when i went to school and a mistake was made, i would get punished. In college, it was the same script, you mess up and your parents will be escorting me to college where the not so good looking pricipal lays down the law with a stern face.

In the work environment the boss is normally on standby too spot mistakes and penalize you for those mistakes, almost like it was part of their KPI’s to do just that.

I now feel blessed that im in a job that allows me to truly let the creative juices flow and to try new and innovative things on a daily basis without much resistance from the powers above and i realized that it has given me a totally different perspective in work and life it self.

In that process, i make mistakes. Some are small, some are so so and some are huge mistakes! In the work environment the huge ones can cost you your job hence you should thread with care as they can cost money to the company but the calculated mistakes are little risk that you take that could prove to be genius or a flop. I say, you learn from the mistakes and come out stronger and wiser.

I think that kids should be allowed to make mistakes and when they do make those mistakes, they should understand what went wrong and why it went wrong and how it can be done slightly differently to have a different result.

My 2 cents, make those mistakes and learn from them!