Note to Self : Persistence

Persistence Persistence Persistence

In my all time favorite movie Shawshank Redemption, Andy who became a librarian to help Brooks. When Andy steps into the library he see’s how run down the library is and decides to write to the State Senate to request for a donation to improve the library. He wrote 1 letter a week continuously for 6 years and eventually got a response with the State Senate:

In addition, the Library District has generously responded with a charitable donation of used books and sundries. We trust this will fill your needs. We now consider the matter closed. Please stop sending us letters. Yours truly, the State Comptroller’s Office.

What did the very happy Andy then do?

From now on, I send two letters a week instead of one

Its persistence! Its such a important value, we cant be satisfied with the little that some may give us for what ever reason. Sometimes we get things so we are not on someone’s back and keep demanding for more. Its like some governments. They stay mum and when the time has arrived to be voted back into office, they build a road or give clean water? So is that enough?

It can be life, the job, finances, skill sets, personal development .. It can be anything. Be persistent, it will pay!