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Pasar Road

If you are from KL, Pasar road has got the reputation of being a electronic heaven for the not so rich! Its a street filled with shops selling all sorts of electronic items at cheap cheap prices. Danny and I decided to go to pasar road because i was looking for a small knife and a torch for my upcoming trip to the forest.

When we got there as usual the whole area was packed with stalls everywhere. This area is infamous for its walkway stalls who sell from batteries to mobile phone accessories to binoculars to Viagra to ecstasy to even dildos!

I managed to find a hands-free kit for my ancient Samsung phone which i had serious trouble finding!! I was contemplating getting a new phone and since i found it now, it effectively extended the life span of my phone! I paid RM12 for it! (after some haggling of course) .

Next up after surveying the area i settled on a small blade and a torch which were RM15 each. The best part, the extra batteries (AAA) were 1 buck for 4 pieces!

While we were walking around there were these dudes that were selling mobile phones(good ones like the n95 at RM260!) which looked like they are stolen but in mint condition! You can also get speakers,car accessories to fake watches! Its awesome!

If you are i KL on a weekend, make sure you go to Pasar Road which is off Jalan Pudu in KL and i guarantee you’ll go on a frenzy!

PS – You didn’t believe me when i said they sell dildos eh ladies? Check out the below picture 🙂