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Permatang Pauh Has Spoken!

The tussle to get Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be the member of parliament for Permatang Pauh is over. At approximately 10.02pm the EC announced that Anwar Ibrahim has won the P44 seat with the below results :

Anwar got 31,195

Arif Shah, 15,524

Hanafi, 92

Majority : 15,671

A landslide victory in my books for the defacto leader who now can become the leader for PKR, the leader for the opposition and the leader to push for Putrajaya. I was watching the live coverage on Bernama tv and the panel were discussing the elections but there wasn’t any live cross overs to show the announcements what so ever.

It was hilarious when Tan Sri Mohd Taib was interviewed over the phone and he kept saying that its expected and its Anwars home,home,home ground(after being prompted by the host) so he has to do well. He was also talking about some crap about how BN lost more votes yada yada yada.. The host then asked Tan Sri Mohd Taib about Anwar statement saying that winning Permatang Pauh will set him to seize Putrajaya from BN and like a charm the line got disconnected …How convenient isn’t it 🙂

Now its for Anwar to get sworn in and start consolidating and further strengthening the Pakatan to make a push for Putrajaya. The budget will be tabled on the 29th of Aug and i would love to see DSAI sitting on the opposition leaders seat listening to Pak Lah reading out the budget. 🙂

And how would Pak Lah feel about all this?

Another headache for the PM, imagine the morale boost every Pakatan MP will have in the parliament. This effectively is the power back to the people via our elected representatives.

To a Better Malaysia!