Petronas Sponsors Mercedes GP Team, Its Business!

Petronas has been in F1 for a long time being principal sponsor for the Sauber Petronas Team and subsequently the tittle sponsor of the BMW F1 team. With the team they have been sponsoring in the previous season pulling out but being bought out by its previous owner Peter Sauber, Petronas were left with a decision to make.

Then the Malaysian oil company had another option, the Lotus F1 Team. The made in Malaysian team led by AirAsia founder and CEO Dato Seri Tony Fernendes, every single Malaysian was looking at Petronas thinking.. Petronas better sponsor the Lotus F1 Team to support this national project which promises to be huge!

But the wise men in Petronas had other ideas, they went ahead to take on the sponsorship deal with the reigning Formula 1 constructor champions which was incidentally also has been bought out by Mercedes as their tittle sponsor. Well somewhere during the negotiation, there must have been some mention that who might be the other driver who will be driving along side Nico Rosberg and that must have prompted Petronas to take on the sponsorship deal.

Imagine this, where do you think the camera’s will be on during races? Here are your options :

A) Jarno Trulli
B) Heiki Kovaleinen
C) Michael Schumacher

No brainer isnt it? Petronas is a business and they are not in F1 pouring millions into the deal for fun but it has commercial value in it so sponsoring Mercedes GP seems like the business wise decision to make.

In this process there are some dissapointed individuals as well (including me). But the one of the most significant is the former Minardi and team A1 Malaysia driver, Alex Yoong who said :

I hope that it was said out of emotion at that moment, because if the Lotus F1 project is something which promises great things, visionary sponsors will definitely come knocking and it will pull thru the brand new team to the greatness its destined too.

As you can tell, im already enjoying the pre season gos and cant wait for the season to kick off! 🙂