Please SHUT DOWN Saleng Zoo

Its a scary image of a dead tiger, frozen isnt it? Well this happened right here in Malaysia!

Saleng Zoo is located beside the Johor Zoo. It is home to several species of animals and some of them are rare like the Tapir and the Bengal Tigers.

I read this shocking article about the rubbish that goes on in this Zoo and i think its about time the authorities shut down this zoo once and for all. The article on the WWF-Malaysia website gave me the insight into the poor dead wildlife that was found, possesion of wildlife without permits and the way the animals are used makes me furious!

If the Zoo does not have permits for the wildlife and they even use the wildlife as show pieces in “roadshows”, it makes me wonder what else is going on in this Zoo?

Here’s the big one, PERHILITAN discovered 21 dead tiger cubs in its freezer in 2008!

Other offences :

Zoo’s other previous offences is possession of wildlife without permits including a baby elephant, two slow lorises, a Tomistoma and a number of pythons and storks which were seized by PERHILITAN in various raids. The zoo owner also claimed in an interview in December 2008 that PERHILITAN has seized more than 20 animals from his zoo in the past six to seven years.

Pure madness! While Perhilitian is doing a good job in raiding the zoo’s and the NGO’s like MyCat and WWF-Malaysia are exposing such wrong doing’s, the ones with the real power should step up the legal system that controls these guys and they should face very heavy fines or even shut them down when they cross the line!

I hope that this Zoo gets shut down and act as a example to the other Zoo’s.