Power Strugle


Since March 8th 2008 our nation has been in one heck-u-va political limbo. There have been by elections after by-elections(some natural and some not) there have been change of leadership,there have been hostile take overs and even challenges within parties.

As a Malaysian its sick to have such a situation. Yes, we are lucky that we are in a country that does not have war and riots but that does not mean we should be using that as a excuse. Politicians come in many different shapes,sizes and motives.

Some are genuine, some have interest and some are pure rubbish. Whats funny is when the politicians come out and say the dumbest things with a straight face and when they get criticized for it, they get offended! 🙂 I was at a bookshop over the weekend and stumbled upon a book called “Malaysian politicians say the darnest things“. Not surprisingly there was a certain “semi value” who featured very frequently and it makes me wonder if we have been blind,deaf or pure ignorant all these years!

This whole political limbo must end! Its becoming soo sickening that Malaysians who had some hope are loosing that now and its time that they got to work and stop politicking! Have you seen the latest political strugle in PPP? The BN component party is having a power struggle to decide who is the leader of the party.

They suspend the contender, then the contender becomes the party leader then the incumbent leader tells him to go form his own party! ….Its a JOKE!

Its sickening simply reading the papers everyday. The kind of reports of how you said this and i do that is making the papers look like some sorta comic strip!